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Vintage Photos




I've been collecting old photographs for only a brief while. Here's a few of them. Mostly, I'm interested in male portraits -- both with their "buddies," and by themselves.




2010: For much more of my collection of vintage photos, go here:




January 2001: Some recent aquisitions


  I'm not suggesting anything about the ....errr... proclivities of these guys. It is clear, though, that these men chose to capture in a photograph a moment (a small "death", if you're into Barthes) of their relationship(s) I like that.



It's probably a little simplistic, but what draws me to these images is bittersweet: they are so beautiful, but at the same time it saddens me that there were/are no family to inherit and cherish the images of these people. I've adopted them, though, so they're in good hands (for a while).






(wichitaw?) linemen


military buddies






leaning against the car