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As a computer science major at NCSU in the early 1980s, buy cialis advice I needed a break from the tall stacks of keypunch cards and binary numbers and hexadecimal mathematics.  To relieve some of the stress, buy viagra I signed up for a pottery class at the NCSU Craft Center.  Who knew what a life-changing act that would be?  Half way through the semester, I stopped attending most of my classes and started spending most of the days making pots in the Craft Center studio and poring over back issues of Ceramics Monthly in the library.  Those early days working in the studio and pit-firing with an enthusiastic group of potters were cathartic.  I learned that the focus of a life could be centered on art. I learned, also, that I had to change the direction of my college education.  Less than a year later, I transferred to East Carolina University and it is there that I ultimately earned my degree in Studio Art

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While in college, I began what proved to be a valuable tenure at Cedar Creek Pottery with Sid and Pat Oakley.  I apprenticed with the Oakleys, finished up my BFA, and continued at Cedar Creek Pottery and Gallery for years.  Except for a few years working on a graduate degree in art history, my hands have never been far away from clay.  Even as my daytime job has shifted toward grants and financial management at Duke University, I’ve always had access to a studio and have kept my hands dirty in clay or paint.


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